anyang Malaya Café at Marrickville Metro has unveiled a new Ramly Rendang Vegan Burger served with a side of salt and pepper wedges to celebrate Vegan Month in November.


In Malaysia, Ramly burgers are a favourite amongst street food stalls. If you're walking the streets of Kuala Lumpur (KL) at night and looking for a late snack, you're likely to pass a street cart on just about every corner flipping patties. At Nanyang Malaya Café, we have reimagined our Ramly Rendang Beef burger for our vegans and vegetarian friends


The burger features a vegan pattie injected with traditional rendang paste of coriander, star anise, cinnamon, nutmeg and coconut, which is topped with all your burger favourites, including house-made pickled onions, shredded cabbage, tomatoes, cucumber, vegan mayonnaise and melted cheese. The vegan mayonnaise has been carefully balanced with the flavours from Malaysia of cumin, coriander, layered with chilli to give a mild kick to the taste buds that are not too hot or overpowering.


You can’t have a burger without a side of fries so we've seasoned our potato wedges with our Malaysian style salt and pepper seasoning and for our customers who may want less heat, Nanyang Malaya Café also offers potato wedges with sea salt too. Then, why not wash it down with a refreshing cold beer? Nanyang Malaya Café serves local Young Henrys IPA and Newtowner Pale Ale, or a Singaporean favourite, Tiger Lager to refresh the palette. 

Owner Billy Chong at Nanyang Malaya Café says, “While we were open during the recent lockdown, we had requests from our customers to create more delicious vegan dishes with Malaysian flavours. We wanted to reimagine an Aussie favourite and immerse it in Malaysian culture. Our Ramly Vegan Rendang Burger with salt and pepper wedges is ideal, as it's hard to beat the simplicity of having a burger, chips and a beer at your local pub or café after lockdown. Our Ramly Rendang Vegan Burger and wedges celebrate Vegan Day while blending Australian and Malaysian culture comfort foods.”

Be ready to enjoy some spice after lockdown at Nanyang Malaya Café and celebrate Vegan Day month during November.